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Youtuber meeting on Boom Beach office. Stay tune for more news for Boom Beach.
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Boom Beach best army gif. Download this gif and make Boom Beach art for free diamonds

Commander, now you can save your game with Google plus account and share your gameplay progress with other google+ friends. Google+ is only for Android devices. If you are playing on Android and wants to share your game you must connect with google+ account.
Watch the video and follow up the steps to connect with google+.
Join YouTube for more video

This video will show you how to beat a base with only one Warrior against NPC base level 56.
If you watch this full video you can learn how to beat a base when you have only limited Troop to attack a strong base.

Try to destroy Boom Cannon and Rocket Launcher first and use your flame to redirect your troop.

Leave your comments below and let us know if you have made video on Boom Beach.
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It's update time for boomer!
Who ever missed the recent update for the game Click here IOS, Click Here Android to update.
Lots of new features and upgraded gameplay added.
Once your jump to the game tap on Update to play the game
Trees will have natural power on the game so you can cut them off each time they grow up enough, and that idea was suggested by one boomer Shocker.

Clear graphics and great update on statue. More meaningful statue creation. Overall great looks for resource bases.

Statue Look

 Updated Statue

Resource bases

For update problem and new ideas Click here .

Boom Beach cinnamon challenge Masterov vs Nickatnyte

Hammerman HQ Level 35 completed by LANfil. Watch this video and use the some useful trick for your turn.

Troop used :

Heavy, Zooka

Use your Heavy to defence Zooka and let the Zookas take over the Mammerman HQ.

Tap to collect your diamonds(

There is always free diamond for returning boomer. If you were away from the game for any reason and you missed your Boom Beach base!, don't worry your base is still alive. Boom Beach welcome you to come back with lots of diamond.

Come back to the game now and collect your reward from mysterious box. Boom Beach also reserved you rewards for defending and raided your base.

Join for Gaming forum

Make sure to claim your rewards. To claim tap on Event Activity option and see what rewards are waiting for you.

Calculate your time to train your troop

Hints and tips before you Attack someone's base: Before you try to attack someone base you need to make sure that you have available troop to win the battle. So, train your troop to get them ready to attack bases or destroy Dr. Terror's base.

Collect reward for winning a village

Get reward to free a village. Each village will give you free coin for every hour you own that village. So, upgrade your base and create more weapons to defence.

Post a song that goes very well with Dr.Terror . Must post the name of the song and the artist.

Boom Beach will select one winner for 2,000 free diamonds. Best song will be choose by

Boom Beach. Make sure to post your comments at the Forum 

Join Now for 2,000 free diamonds.

Boom Beach Fan Art contest for free diamonds. Boom Beach social team will select winner for the best art. To join Boom Beach Fan art competition Click Here

Evulchibi, winner for 5,000 free diamonds

Boom Beach fan art by Djali Gon

Next competition for Boom Beach Movie art and winner will get 5,000 free diamonds .
For movie art Click Here

Steps:(IOS ONlY)

>>Go to Settings

>>LogIn to Game Centre/ Create an GC account with Apple ID

>>Now Play Boom Beach with Safe way (Make sure Game Centre shows the welcome message )

For More Help and Support Click Here 



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